Grand General

Shi Situ

The Uthonian Empire

Military Dictatorship


The Government

The Uthonian Empire is a Military Dictatorship ruled by a leader with the title of Grand General All government offices are held by military officers. The Grand General rules up until his or her death. After death a three month long campaign period begins to elect a new Grand General Valid Candidates are all Commissioned Officers in the Uthonian Military, however voting is reserved for only the Non-Commissioned members who happen to also be a Uthonian. The candidate with the most support at the end of the election period are granted office until their death. Once elected you cannot step-down from office. Even if you didn't want to become the Grand General. The Uhonian Empire chooses this method as to ensure only a leader whom the majority of citizens support. Civilians cannot be elected and have no voting rights.

The Grand General

The Grand General is the undisputed head of state of the Uthonian Government and the Commander-in-Chief for the entire Uthonian Military. The title is non-hereditary and not discriminatory between sexes. The Grand General can only be elected from Military Officers of any branch. He or She is elected by the soldiers. The more distinguished you are, the better chances you have at becoming the Grand General.

Governing Ethos

The Uthonian Empire follows centuries old traditions of a strong military to enforce it's way of life among all beings and with a large security force to ensure all citizens follow the rules and guidelines set in place to keep production at an all time maximum at all time.