The Uthonian Empire


The Uthonian Empire

Order, Justice and Valour throughout the stars!



After swift technological progression there came a brief period of civil discord. The world governments could not control the civilian populations any longer and violence ensued. The militarires of the world grew tired of this and joined together as one super joint force. Under the leadership of Shi Situ the military restored law and order into the populace. Instilling himself as Grand General he ordered more scientific advancement. Shortly the government discovered the hyperlane network and the ship drives to travel them. Grand General Shi Situ has only one wish, to restore the law and order amongst the stars. Shi Situ will enforce our way of living on all Xenos. Willingly or not.

Government & Leaders

Shi Situ

Grand General, Head of State

Arlene Scott

Lead Science Officer, Grand Army of Uthonia Science Corps

Brigit von Gebser

Admiral, Grand Uthonian Navy

Ships ready
for battle

Become a hero!

The Uthonian Grand Navy and Grand Army of Uthonia are always looking for new recruits! Do you think you have what it takes to be the next war hero? Enlist Today!

The Galatic Highwayis now open!

Currently with a series of 12 new gateways in 5 empires, the galaxy will be a lot quicker to travel across for both civilians and military alike!

National News

War has broken out once moredo you know what to do next?

With the recent declaration of war on the neighbouring rivals the Xelteks, the military has issued a statement of how you can keep you and your family safe. The Grand General encourages enlisting.

A marvel of engineering, the new Ring World!.

We have recently constructed a brand new ring world.There will be only one colony ship going, so found out how you can qualify to be part of history!